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Women's footwear Made in Italy.

About us

MONTE SPORT traces its roots back to the artisanal tradition of the Montebelluna footwear district and, over time, specializes by collaborating with the most prestigious brands in the sport-system industry.

In 2011, management passed into the hands of the daughters of the two founders, Santino Pincin and Giovanni Torresan, making it the only company in the industry with five women at the helm.

The new arrangement exudes a proactive energy and a deep connection with the territory, continuing the narrative of a success story that has lasted for generations.


In an era dominated by speed, how to encapsulate 50 years of history? The Made in Italy concept comes to our rescue, as it encompasses quality, craftsmanship, and design.

The formula is therefore the essence of being Italian: creative, innovative, aesthetic, curious, in one word... unique!

MONTE SPORT is Made in Italy!


A friendship that becomes a lifelong working partnership.

Years of commitment, challenges, successes, disappointments, and progress. The ground is fertile, the values are strong, and the growth is sound and prosperous.


The turning point.

A turning point that redraws the map of the footwear industry and becomes a tangible example of how evolution is feminine.


Expression of individuality.

The new Leisure Collection places femininity at its core, showcasing its strength and beauty.