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The true Italian footwear recognizable throughout the world.
Made in Italy means being able to make every product one of a kind. It embodies the craftsmanship and the excellence arising from the confidence in the quality of the materials and the expertise in handcrafting.


Sympatex® is the best non-porous hydrophilic membrane, ultralight, ultra-thin, waterproof and highly breathable.
It is 100% waterproof, 100% windproof, 4-way elastic up to 300%, extremely breathable and durable wear. Sympatex® has indeed excellent transmission capacity of the vapor body: sweat, in the form of steam, is then transported from the inside outwards with maximum efficiency. The unique non-porous construction creates a real wall against water. An impenetrable barrier but, however, perfectly breathable, ie capable of transporting the sweat outside.


Event® protective technology provides not only a barrier of defense against mother nature but critical protection against chemicals and hazardous substances. Tested in the harshest conditions to meet the most demanding specifications, eVent® protective provides added protection for those who need it most.


Vibram® is a world leader in the field of high-performance rubber soles, famous for their quality, performance, safety, innovation, and design. Vibram® is deeply committed to R&D, in order to create soles offering greater protection and safety. Vibram® soles are produced to the most innovative designs, using the best compounds for each specific purpose. The soles are made with three objectives in mind: to guarantee top performance, maximum comfort levels, and long-lasting quality. These objectives are achieved thanks to the exacting tests performed both in the laboratory and in the field by the Vibram® Tester Team.


Materials certainly play a fundamental role in quality footwear, even if the workmanship is of the highest importance in exalting that quality, which guarantees performance and long-lasting endurance. Monte Sport has a long tradition of producing footwear with leather procured from the best tanneries, thus allowing an elevation of quality and the creation of a genuinely high-quality brand extended throughout the whole WILD line.


Norwegian construction is a laborious craftsmanship characterised by double stitching which unites the upper and lining with the understructure of the footwear.
The first stitching fixes the upper to the insole and the second unites the upper to the midsole, which is then glued onto the sole.
Footwear constructed by this method can always be recognised in the visible stitching which crosses the insole.
Nowadays only a handful of companies are capable of doing this kind of working because few craftsmen have the great manual skill required to do it. The resulting footwear constructed by this method is solid, robust and exceptionally long-lasting.


Construction using Ideal stitching, which has always been a strong point of the Monte Sport footwear workshop, represents a traditional working of the lower part of footwear: stitching may be single or double.
The upper, prepared with glued outer edges pressed onto an appropriate midsole, is then stitched by a machine known as rapid.
The thread is passed through a special boiler containing tar which guarantees waterproofing of the thread and piercings.
This kind of working is used in footwear of high quality and craftsmanship.